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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Generate and attach the external disk

  1. Go to the Storage dashboard, Storage > Block Volumes1.
  2. Click Create Block Volume.

    External drive

  3. Give a name to your external disk and select the Compartment and Availability Domain where your instances are.

  4. Select the Volume size and Performance. You can use the default settings or change the value by selecting Custom:

    Volume size

  5. Set the other options to your linking and needs.

  6. Click Create Block Volume when done. A new Block Volume will be generated.
  7. Select the instance you wish to attach the volume to from the Instances dashboard (Compute > Instances)
  8. Start the instance and go to the Resources section and select Attached Block Volumes (you may need to scrool down the page).
  9. Click Attach Block Volume

    Attach Volume

  10. Select Paravirtualized for the Volume attachment type.

  11. Select your new Block Volume from the drop-down list and click Attach

    Attaching Volume

  12. Wait for the Block Volume to be attached.

Once attached, the instance will reboot - this should take a couple of minutes. Once finished, the virtual device disk space should be the same as your attached Block Volumes and all changes (installed apps, etc.) will be written to it.

Migrate the external disk to another instance


The original and target instances should have the same Android version. If versions are different, we cannot guarantee the result.

  1. Stop the original instance with the attached Block Volume.
  2. In the Resources > Attached Block Volumes section, click on the 3 vertical dotes at the end of line of the attached Block Volume and select Detach:

    Detach volume

  3. The Block Volume will now be available for other instance.

  4. Start your target instance and attach the volume to it - see steps 8-12 from previous chapter.
  5. The target instance will automatically reboot.

The original instance internal storage /data will then replace the target instance one - all the applications and settings installed in the original instance will be available in the target instance.

  1. For detailed information about Oracle Could Infrastructure Block Volumes, please refer to Get Started with Block Volumes 

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