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Generate and attach an external disk

  1. Create a new disk from Storage & Snapshots > Disks > Create Disk
  2. Create a Data Disk type disk
  3. Click on your instance and go to the Disks section
  4. Click Attach Disk and select the disk you created
  5. Start the instance

It is also possible to create the external disk when creating the instance.

From this point the external disk will be mounted on /data and will be seen as the instance internal storage by the Android OS.

Migrate the external disk to another instance


The original and target instances should have the same Android version. If versions are different, we cannot guarantee the result.

  1. Make sure that both the original and target instances are powered off
  2. Detach the Data Disk from the original instance:

  3. Attach the Disk to the target instance:

  4. Start the target instance

The original instance internal storage /data will then replace the target instance one - all the applications and settings installed in the original instance will be available in the target instance.

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