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Genymotion Device image "Platform as a Service" (PaaS) is a "pay-as-you-use" solution that allows you to run Android virtual devices on your favorite cloud platform and size your environment according to your exact needs:

  • Integrate test automation into your continuous integration workflow
  • Run and use your virtual devices on-demand
  • Also perfect for marketing, sales, support, monitoring or security testing
  • Available on Amazon Web Services™, Google Cloud Platform™, Alibaba Cloud™ and Microsoft Azure™ Cloud platforms
  • Available on-premise to run on your local servers - ideal for Malware and Virus testing

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Tags are used to indicate that a specific feature is only available since a specific Genymotion Device image and/or Android image.

For example:

13.0.0 · 7.0 - 11.0 ➜ The feature is available from Genymotion Device image v13.0.0 onwards for Android 7.0 to 11.0 images.

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