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Accessing instances with SSH

Generate a SSH key pair

For detailed information about SSH usage, please refer to this page.

To generate a key pair, use the following command on the computer you wish to connect from:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -f key.pem

This will generate a private key named key.pem and a public key named in the current folder.


GCP does not offer any SSH key pair generator. You need to use ssh-keygen tool locally (see SSH CLI).

You can use your Cloud provider tools to generate a key pair:

You will then need to import your public key and use your private key to connect to your Virtual Device.

Import a SSH key pair

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It is possible to use the SSH Key Management feature to import your public key to an instance.

You can use your Cloud provider tools to import the key pair:

Connect to your Virtual Device with SSH

Use the command:

ssh -i {your_private_key} [email protected]{instance_IP}


  • shell is a specific user for operations with ssh. You cannot connect with SSH to Genymotion instances with a different user name.
  • {your_private_key} is the name of the private key of your key pair (for example: key.pem).
  • {instance_IP} is your instance IP.

Add additional SSH keys

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Most Cloud providers do not offer to add additional SSH keys after an instance has been created. However, it is now possible to add and remove SSH keys from the web UI.

For more details, see SSH Keys management.

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