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Share and Embed an instance

This features allows you to easily share or embed an instance using iframe. To do so, click on Share from the Web interface:


Share an instance

You can share your instance by sending the URL displayed in the Share your instance box to other people:



This url contains your instance default username and password. If you changed the default credentials, it will not be automatically updated. You need to edit the username and password in the URL manually: https://{username}:{password}@{instance_public_IP}.

Embed an instance

Genymotion v.12.0.0

Instance embedding is now entirely supported by our open-source Genymotion device web player and can be easily setup and installed from the Embed this instance in your website box.


In this section, select the features you wish to enable or disable:



You can install Genymotion device web player components locally, either with yarn or npm:

yarn add @genymotion/device-web-player
npm install @genymotion/device-web-player

Or CDN from the web UI by using the switch:



In this section, a code will be automatically generated, depending on the installation method you selected. You can then copy and paste the code to your HTML code to easily embed Genymotion device web player.

For example:

<style lang="scss">
    @import "@genymotion/device-web-player/dist/css/gm-player.min";

<div id="genymotion"></div>

    const GenymotionManager = require('@genymotion/device-web-player');

    const options = {
        template: "player",
        paas: true,
        baseband: true,
        microphone: true,
        gpsSpeedSupport: true,
        translateHomeKey: true,
        streamResolution: false,
        fileUploadUrl: 'wss://',
        token: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
    const webrtcAddress = 'wss://';
    const genymotionManager = new GenymotionManager();

    genymotionManager.setupInstance(document.getElementById('genymotion'), webrtcAddress, options);


Genymotion device web player is an open source project; if you wish to contribute, just click FORK ON GITHUB to fork the github repository to your personal one.

For more details, feel free to visit

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