# Requirements

This chapter lists the prerequisites for an optimal use of Genymotion Device image on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

# Web browser

To use Genymotion Device image and view your instances in a web browser, we recommend using Google Chrome 85+ (Mobile or Desktop). Genymotion Device image is also known to work fine on the following browsers, but may not provide an optimal level of performance.

  • Mozilla Firefox 78+
  • Opera 70+
  • Microsoft Edge 20.10240+
  • Safari 11+

# Network security settings

To enable communication from your network to your instance, you need to set or update your EC2 security groups/firewall to allow the connection from your local network (inbound) to allow connection to the following ports:

Rule Description Port
SSH TCP port 22
HTTP (optional) TCP port 80
HTTPS/WSS TCP port 443
WebRTC optional since 8.0 TCP and UDP ports 51000-51100


It is also possible to open port 5555 to allow connection to ADB, but ADB connections are neither secured nor authenticated. If you decide to do so, add an inbound rule TCP port 5555 only for your IP addresses. Do not open it to or anyone will be able to connect to your instance with adb without authentication.

If you wish a more secure method, we recommend creating an SSH tunnel, as explained in this section.

If you are behind a very restrictive web proxy or a secured company network, please refer to Accessing a virtual device from an enterprise network (NAT).