# AWS Quick Start

This section describes the required steps to deploy and use instances on AWS. Basic knowledge of how AWS works and AWS main concepts are required. Depending on your settings, expected deployment time should take 5 to 10 minutes.


Data encryption is only available with Android 8.0 images and above.

# Create and set up an instance

# Deployed resources

Once done, an instance with the following resources will be deployed and started:

Resource name Details
AMI The Genymotion Amazon Machine Image (AMI) you subscribed to. AMI Information contains the Genymotion and Android versions.
Security group The EC2 security group of the instance.
Network interface The EC2 network interface attached to the instance.
Storage The Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume(s) attached to the instance.


The EC2 Auto-assign Public IP feature is enabled by default. Make sure to setup your EC2 security group correctly to avoid any unauthorized connections to your instance.

# Access a virtual device from web

Once the initial setup is done, the instance is automatically started. It can take up to 2 minutes before the instance can be accessed through the web browser.

From manage EC2 Management console in Instances, select the instance you want to access. In the description section at the bottom, copy the hostname or public IP and paste it to your web browser.

Public DN

You will have this warning because our certificate is autosigned:

Certificate error

If you don’t want a warning, you must install a trusted certificate. Please refer to Installing a valid certificate.

Proceed to the address.
Authenticate yourself:


By default, the username is genymotion and the password is the ID of the instance. You can get it here:

Public DNS 2


If you want to change the username and password, please refer to Change authentication.

# Create custom images (templates)

  1. From EC2 Management Console, select an instance and click on Actions > Image > Create Image. This will create an AMI in the geographic zone where the former instance was launched. To use this new image on another geographic zone, select the image in AMIs, then click on Copy AMI > Select the zone.
  2. Follow the standard create instance process from step 7 to create instances from this custom image.