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Genymotion Desktop is an Android emulator with a complete set of sensors and features in order to interact with a virtual Android environment.

  • Develop and test your Android applications on a wide range of virtual devices, with Android 5.0 to 12.1
  • Create your own custom virtual device to match your needs
  • Get ready in no time with a friendly and intuitive interface
  • Simulate a real device features with user-friendly sensor widgets and interaction features
  • Available for Windows 10 & 11, macOS and Linux operating systems

Get Started

Tags are used to specify that a feature is available since a specific Genymotion Desktop version, or with a paying license.

For example:

  • 3.3.0: the feature is available from Genymotion Desktop v3.3.0 onwards.
  • Paying: the feature requires a paying license.
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