# Graphical interface

This chapter presents the web interface of that can be accessed from https://cloud.geny.io(opens new window)

User Interface

# Resources

From this area, you can access different types of resources:

  • Default templates: virtual device templates provided by Genymobile.
  • Templates: virtual devices that have been saved as a template, including those that have been shared with you.
  • Applications: virtual devices created by uploading an application, including those that have been shared with you.

The selected resources are then listed in the bottom of the screen. You can then sort them by clicking their respective column titles.

# Filters

From this area, you can filter the virtual devices to display, per type, Android version, screen density or screen size.

From this dropdown menu, you can access the following pages:

  • Resources: list of your available resources.
  • Running device: most recently started virtual device currently running.
  • Liveshare: demonstration mode of a virtual device or application that you have initiated or that you can join.

# Account

You can access your account details by clicking account and Edit. From this page, you can view which organization you are part of, the date you joined the organization in and the administrator of your organization. You can also edit your personal details and change your password.

# Running virtual devices

This area lists the virtual devices currently running in Genymotion Cloud.


Closing your web browser or logging out will not stop your running virtual devices. They have to be stopped manually or they will keep running for 24 hours.
By default, no timeout happens for virtual devices started with gmsaas. You must specify the --stop-when-inactive option, or they will keep running until manually stopped.

# Available resources

This area lists the available resources depending on the type of resource you have chosen to display.

# Support

If you encounter any problems while using Genymotion Cloud, you can search our help center by clicking the Support button on the bottom of the page and enter your problem description.

You can also Contact us and attach a file to your request (it must not exceed 20MB). Our support team will do their best to solve your issue as quickly as possible.


Please write us in English so that we can process your request faster.