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Automation Features

With gmsaas CLI tool, you can use Genymotion SaaS to run automated tests in your continuous integration pipeline, regardless of your framework or continuous integration server. It is a command line tool that allows you to manage the lifecycle of your virtual devices and interact between your environment and your instance via ADB.


gmsaas auth login <email> <password>

Test Automation Frameworks

Instrumented tests

With Gradle

  1. Create and start your instance by running:

    gmsaas instances start <RECIPE_UUID> <INSTANCE_NAME>

    <RECIPE_UUID> is the recipe identifier and <INSTANCE_NAME> is the name you wish to give to the instance. Once up, the command returns and shows the <INSTANCE_UUID>.


    The list of available recipes can be retrieved using this command: gmsaas recipes list.

  2. Connect the instance to ADB

    gmsaas instances adbconnect <INSTANCE_NAME> [--adb-serial-port <VALUE>]
  3. Run your instrumented tests with ./gradlew connectedAndroidTest. You can view your tests running in the virtual device by signing in to Genymotion SaaS.

  4. Once your tests have run, stop the virtual devices using:

    gmsaas instances stop <INSTANCE_UUID>

    <INSTANCE_UUID> is the UUID (not the name!) of the instance used for the test. All data generated on the virtual device during the tests are destroyed.

With Genymotion Java API

To run your instrumented tests, you can also use the Genymotion Java API in order to automate the modification of sensor values such as battery, GPS, ID, SMS, calls... For more information on the implementation of the Genymotion Java API, please refer to the official documentation.

A sample project is available here .

Other Frameworks

We are also compatible with the following frameworks:

Continuous Integration Servers

And many more

For a complete list of available integrations, feel free to have a look at our website. Or visit our website Tutorial section for more tutorials.

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