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Device creation issues

The following issues may prevent you from creating a device:

Too many running virtual devices

Your plan doesn't allow you to simultaneously run more virtual devices.

Contact us to upgrade your plan.

Insufficient instance capacity

Genymotion SaaS doesn't have enough available On-Demand capacity to create your device for the moment.

To resolve the issue, try the following:

  • Wait a few minutes and then submit your request again; capacity may shift frequently.
  • Change your datacenter location in the administration settings then submit your request again.
Your license has expired

An active subscription plan is required to create devices - see Start a plan.

Your license is invalid

An error occurred during the creation of your subscription plan. Please contact our support.

Recipe not found

The recipe used to create your device can't be found.

If you tried to create a device from a default recipe, please contact our support. If you tried to create a device from a custom recipe, please refresh the recipe table and submit your request again.


Check our frequently asked questions at our help center .

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