# Requirements

This section lists the prerequisites for an optimal use of Genymotion Cloud SaaS.

# Web browser

In order to have Genymotion Cloud SaaS run smoothly, we recommend using Google Chrome.

# Communication

To communicate with our servers, make sure the following rules are allowed in your organization:

  • Outgoing TCP port 443 on cloud.geny.io
  • Outgoing TCP port 443 on api.geny.io
  • Outgoing TCP/UDP port 443 on turn.genymotion.com

If your company uses a HTTP proxy, make sure HTTP CONNECT on port 443 is allowed.

If the proxy is a SOCKS v5 proxy, make sure UDP ASSOCIATE is allowed.

# Android SDK tools

To use automation features, Android SDK tools must be installed. We recommend installing ADB version 1.0.41 or above.