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Gradle plugin

This feature is only available with Indie and Business licenses.

A valid Genymotion account is required.

The Gradle plugin allows you to combine the use of the Gradle build system with Genymotion. This way, you can declare the virtual devices you want to start before running your tests.

It can be easily used with Android Studio (or the Android Gradle plugin) but can also be used without.

By default, if an Android plugin is detected, all defined virtual devices will be up and ready before the connectedAndroidTest task (or its derivatives) is launched. If no Android plugin is detected, you must configure the behavior.

connectedAndroidTest is the Gradle task defined by the Android Gradle plugin to run instrumentation tests on devices.

This section explains how to include, use and configure the plugin by presenting several examples.

In this guide, the following instructional icons are used:

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