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General commands

The following commands return information related to the use of GMTool:

  • version: returns Genymotion version and revision number.
  • help: displays the help for the entire tool, for a command group or for a specific command.
    This command gmtool admin create help or gmtool help admin create displays all commands and options available for the admin create command, i.e.:

    [--density=<SCREEN_DENSITY>] [--width=<SCREEN_WIDTH>]
    [--height=<SCREEN_HEIGHT>] [--virtualkeyboard=<on|off>]
    [--navbar=<on|off>] [--nbcpu=<NUMBER_OF_CPUs>]
    [--ram=<RAM_IN_MB>] [--network-mode=<nat|bridge>]
    [--bridged-if=<BRIDGED_INTERFACE>] [--sysprop=<PROPERTY:VALUE>]