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The device command group allows you to directly interact with a virtual device.

This feature is only available with Indie and Business licenses.

Options available within this group are:

  • -n|--name <VIRTUAL_DEVICE_NAME>: interacts with the specified virtual device.

    If not specified, interacts with the running virtual device. If more than one virtual device is running, the use of options -n or -all is mandatory.

  • --all: interacts with all running virtual devices.
  • --start: starts the virtual device specified by -n if not already started.

Commands available in the device command group are:

  • logcatdump <DESTINATION_FILE_PATH>: copies the logcat output onto the specified destination file.

    If a logcat dump file already exists, it will be overwritten.

  • logcatclear: empties the logcat content of a virtual device.
  • push <SOURCE_PATH> [DESTINATION_DIRECTORY_PATH]: sends a file or directory from the host computer to the virtual device.

    If no destination directory is specified, the file or directory is stored by default in /sdcard/Downloads.

  • pull <SOURCE_PATH> <DESTINATION_DIRECTORY_PATH>: copies a file or directory from the virtual device to the host computer.

    If combined with option --all, destination directories are created for each running virtual device.

    If a destination file already exists, it will be overwritten.

  • install <APK_FILE_PATH>: installs an application using its APK file on the virtual device.
  • flash <ARCHIVE_PATH>: installs the archive content into the specified virtual device.
  • adbconnect: connects the specified virtual device using the ADB tool.
    To set the connection on a specific port, you can define option --adb-serial-port <PORT> with a port comprised between 1024 and 65535. This option is only available with --cloud.
  • adbdisconnect: disconnects the specified virtual device from the ADB tool.