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The config command group allows you to define Genymotion settings. Commands available within this group are:

  • reset: restores default settings.
  • clearcache: removes temporary and downloaded files.
  • signout: signs out the user and removes the license.
  • print: returns values of the specified configuration options.
  • OPTION=<ARGUMENT>: sets the option with an argument. Options and their possible values are:
    • statistics=<on|off>: allows or prevents Genymotion to collect usage statistics.
    • username=<USERNAME>: sets the user to authenticate.
    • password=<PASSWORD>: sets the password to associate with the username.
    • store_credentials=<on|off>: remembers credentials or not.
    • license_server=<on|off>: activates or deactivates the use of a license server.
    • license_server_address=<SERVER_ADDRESS>: sets the license server address.
    • proxy=<on|off>: activates or deactivates the use of a proxy.
    • proxy_address=<PROXY_ADDRESS>: sets the proxy address.
    • proxy_port=<PROXY_PORT>: sets the proxy port.
    • proxy_authentication=<on|off>: activates or deactivates proxy authentication.
    • proxy_username=<PROXY_USERNAME>: sets the username to be used for proxy authentication.
    • proxy_password=<PROXY_PASSWORD>: sets the password to be used for proxy authentication.
    • virtual_device_path=<VIRTUAL_DEVICE_PATH>: sets the path to the virtual device directory.
    • sdk_path=<SDK_PATH>: sets the path to the custom Android SDK directory.
    • use_custom_sdk=<on|off>: activates or deactivates the use of the custom Android SDK.
    • screen_capture_path=<SCREEN_CAPTURE_PATH>: sets the path to the screen capture directory.