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Remote control

With the Remote control widget, you can take control of a virtual device from a physical device (any phone or tablet running Android version 2.2/API level 8/Froyo or above). This widget works with a specific Android application that runs on the physical device and forwards touch inputs and accelerometer events to Genymotion. As a result, you can test your application as if you were holding a device in your hands.

This feature is only available with Indie and Business licenses.

Remote control widget window

The Remote control widget requires to have ADB installed on your computer. For more information, please refer to section ADB.

To use the Remote control widget:

  1. Connect your physical device either by wire or with Wi-Fi.
    To connect with Wi-Fi, your physical device must support ADB over network. If so:
    1. On your physical device, go to Menu > System settings > Developer options.

      If you have not unlocked this menu yet, go to Menu > System settings > About and click several times on Build number until you get a message meaning that Developer options are now available.

    2. Check Android debugging and then ADB over network.
    3. Connect your physical device to the Wi-Fi and retrieve its IP address from the Wi-Fi menu.
    4. Open a command prompt and enter <path to ADB>\connect <IP>.
  2. Click Remote control widget button.
  3. Activate the widget by clicking On.
    Genymotion tries to detect any connected Android device.
  4. Select your device from the Available devices drop-down list and click Start.

    If the device is connected to ADB and not visible in the list, restart the widget.

  5. Check the desired options:
    • Enable preview: enables previewing your Genymotion screen on your physical device.
    • Enable touch screen: allows your physical device to send touch events to Genymotion.
    • Enable accelerometer: allows your physical device to send accelerometer events to Genymotion.

The Remote control widget automatically stops when you disconnect your device.