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The Identifiers widget shows Device ID and Android ID numbers. You can view and edit these values at any time, without having to reboot your virtual device.

This feature is only available with Indie and Business licenses.

Identifiers widget window

  • Android ID
    An Android ID is a 64-bit number randomly generated when the user first sets up the device. It remains the same for the whole lifetime of the user's device. Android 4.2.2 and greater versions support multiple user accounts, each one having a unique Android ID.
    When clicking "Random" button, a random Android identifier is generated. Valid Android ID numbers are 16-hexadecimal digits long.

    You are not allowed to set an empty Android ID.

    On Android 8.0 and above, the Android ID has a different value for each application on the device. This is not the case in Genymotion: the Android ID remains the same for all applications.

  • Device ID / IMEI / MEID
    By default, a new virtual device is deployed with the default device ID number 00000000000000 0. When clicking "Random" button, a random identifier is generated. As IMEI or MEID numbers are used as device ID, Genymotion generates numbers compliant with the GSM 02.16 standard and the 3GPP2 specification (14 digits or hexadecimal digits + a checksum digit).
    Valid characters for setting device ID/IMEI/MEID are: lower-case and upper-case letters [a-z, A-Z], digits [0-9], dots [.], dashes [-] and underscores [_].