The Capture widget allows you to take a screenshot or screencast of virtual devices. This way, you can broadcast images or videos of your applications.

This feature is only available with Indie and Business licenses.

Capture widget window

To use the Capture widget, click Capture widget button.

  • Screenshot: When clickingScreenshot button, a screenshot of your virtual device is captured and stored in the configured folder.
  • Screencast: When clickingScreencast button, a video of your virtual device starts recording. Clicking twice stops the recording.
    If your virtual device emits sound, it will be captured in the video.
  • Browse files: When clickingBrowse button, your file explorer opens, allowing you to directly access your screenshots and screencasts.
    All screenshots and screencasts are stored in your home directory, in a folder named with your virtual device name. You can change this default folder in Genymotion Settings > Misc, as explained in section Misc.

All features can be accessed via shortcuts even if the Capture widget is not displayed.