The Camera widget allows you to send a video stream from a virtual device to the Android system. With this widget, you can test an Android application that uses an Android built-in camera.

Camera widget window

The video stream can come from a dummy camera or a real physical webcam connected or integrated into your computer.

To use the Camera widget:

  1. Click Camera widget button.
  2. Activate the Camera widget by clicking On.
    Genymotion detects available webcams on your computer.
  3. Select the source of data you wish to use in the Front camera and Back camera fields. The front camera sends data to the Android front camera and the back camera sends data to the Android back camera.
    • Dummy webcam: data are images generated by the widget;
    • Physical (real) webcam: data are images sent by the selected webcam.
  4. Click Preview to see the video stream sent to the Android system. You can check the following options:
    • None: does not display any data;
    • Front: displays the front camera data;
    • Back: displays the back camera data.