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App sharing

This feature is only available with an Enterprise license.

The App sharing feature allows you to share an application with other users via Genymotion Cloud so they can have access to the application within a web browser. As the shared application is being made accessible via a virtual machine running in Genymotion Cloud, designers, sales representatives or any stakeholders not having Genymotion desktop software installed on their workstation are able to see the application being developed or tested in order to give their feedback.

To share an application, you must have previously installed it in a virtual device of Genymotion desktop software using one of the following methods:

  • Drag and drop the application APK file into the virtual device window.
  • Run the following command: adb install <application name>.apk.
  • Download and install the application directly from the virtual device using a web link.
  1. From your virtual device, click Battery widget button.

  2. In Users, enter the e-mail addresses of the users with whom you wish to share the application.
  3. (Optional) In the Message field, add the message of your choice to give information to the users about the purpose of the shared application.
  4. Click Share.

This uploads the application and makes it available to the users you have specified. In the meantime, a notification e-mail is sent to them. They can access the shared application via that e-mail or by signing in directly to Genymotion Cloud.

An application shared from Genymotion desktop software to multiple users is not shared among all receivers but instead cloned individually into virtual devices with the said application running in Genymotion Cloud for each one of the receivers.