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Adding a new virtual device

To add a virtual device, perform the action corresponding to your situation:

  • You have never created a virtual device:
    When the following window pops up, click Yes:
    "Add a virtual device" popup
  • You have already created a virtual device:
    Click "Add" button from the main window.
    The Select a new virtual device window opens:
    "Available virtual devices" list

If you cannot see any virtual device in the list, you need to sign in to your Genymotion account:

  1. In the Select a new virtual device window, click Sign in:
    "Select a new virtual device" window
    The Credentials window opens:
    "Credentials" window
  2. Enter your username and password and click Sign in.

For more information about deploying a virtual device, please refer to section Basic steps.

You can then select a virtual device from the Available virtual devices list, filter virtual devices by Android version or device model or add a custom virtual device, as explained in the procedures mentioned below: