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Registering the license key

To register your license key, you must have a valid Genymotion account. To create your account, please visit the Account creation page.

To register your Genymotion license key:

  1. Start Genymotion in one of the following ways depending on your operating system:
    • Windows: Click Genymotion icon from your application menu.
    • macOS: Click Genymotion icon from the Applications directory.
    • Linux: Run <Genymotion installer path>/genymotion.
  1. Click "About" button and open the Account tab.
  2. Click Sign in to authenticate to Genymotion.
  3. In the Credentials window, enter your username and password and click Sign in.
    Account settings Register
  4. Enter your license key and click Register.
  5. Read and accept the EULA.
    Once you are registered, your license details are displayed in this window.

Genymotion automatically connects to your user account to check the validity of the license key. If Genymotion cannot connect to your account for several days, you will be asked to connect to the Internet. This ensures nobody else uses your license.

If you have any problems registering your license key, please contact us via the Support form.