# Get started

# Requirements

  • Python
  • pip3
  • Android SDK

# Installation

pip3 install [--user] gmsaas

# Upgrade

pip3 install [--user] --upgrade gmsaas

# Get notified when a new version is out

You can add the RSS feed https://pypi.org/rss/project/gmsaas/releases.xml to you favorite RSS feed reader or to your corporate communication solution (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord and so on). There is no other communication than new gmsaas releases.

# Configuration

# Prerequisites

Two steps are required to use gmsaas properly:

  1. Configure the path to your Android SDK:

    gmsaas config set android-sdk-path <sdk_path>


    Relative paths are not supported, it is necessary to use absolute paths.
    For example: sdktools/ or ./sdktools will not work, but ~/sdktools or /home/user/sdktools is OK.

  2. Authenticate with:

    gmsaas auth login <email>

# Output format 1.5.0

gmsaas exposes a global --format (text|json|compactjson) option for all commands.

Available formats:

  • text: Plain text output. Default.
  • json: JSON-formatted output. While each command has specific data printed, it always contains exit_code information.
  • compactjson: Same thing as json format but one-lined.

You can set a default output format to use in configuration with:

gmsaas config set output-format json

Example of successful command with JSON format:

$ gmsaas --format json logzip
    "archive_path": "/home/me/projects/myapp/gmsaas-logs-20200605-092516.zip",
    "exit_code": 0,
    "exit_code_desc": "NO_ERROR"

Example of error with JSON format:

$ gmsaas --format json instances list
    "error": {
        "message": "Error: unable to use the proxy",
        "details": "Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 113] No route to host"
    "exit_code": 15,
    "exit_code_desc": "REQUEST_ERROR"

# Proxy 1.3.0

If you are behind a corporate proxy, gmsaas may not be able to access the Internet with its default settings.

# Bash/Zsh auto-completion

gmsaas supports Bash and Zsh auto-completion. To activate it, you need to inform your shell that completion is available.

For Bash, add this to your .bashrc:

eval "$(_GMSAAS_COMPLETE=source gmsaas)"

For Zsh, add this to your .zshrc:

eval "$(_GMSAAS_COMPLETE=source_zsh gmsaas)"


You must type at least one dash to complete command-line options.