Deploying an application

To deploy an application to a virtual device, use either of the following methods:

  • Drag and drop the application APK file into the virtual device window.
  • Run the following command: adb install <application name>.apk.
  • Download and install the application directly from the virtual device using a web link.
  • Use Google Play Store (see Open GApps)

Applications with ARM code

Genymotion Desktop virtual devices architecture is x86 (32bits). If your application relies on ARM native code, you must install an ARM translation tool to make it work. The ARM translation tool must match your virtual device Android version. Once installed, reboot your virtual device using adb (see Configuring Genymotion - ADB for details) with the following command:

adb reboot


For legal reasons, Genymobile cannot provide you with any ARM translation tools.